10" Hobo Got Any Spare Hugs? Teddy Bear Plush

$43.99 USD $75.50 USD

Interesting material for old fashioned look and feelBeanie taken from a TV character from some time agoFacial scars that recount to an account of a...

$43.99 USD $75.50 USD

Interesting material for old fashioned look and feel
Beanie taken from a TV character from some time ago
Facial scars that recount to an account of a heartbreaking life (that you make up)
Larger than usual jeans held up by rope, sensible asking sign

Hug Teddy Bear

He's not asking for change, nourishment, or even some water. All he's searching for is an embrace and another home, and he'll disregard his scars, his worn out garments, and the hardships he's suffered to get to your doorstep. If it's not too much trouble give the little destitute bear a spot to remain! Whoever could disapprove of his suffering grin is simply relentless. On the off chance that I might be not kidding for a moment on this page: As a long-term occupant of both Oakland and Los Angeles, I understand that while vagrancy is an unavoidable truth and everyone exists together in a little space, the degree of the vagrancy issue may not promptly evident outside of urban zones. Dread frequently wins during associations with the destitute. The objective of the Hobo Bear is to carry attention to the circumstance, evacuate the disgrace and remind the luckier that everyone is human. Regardless of whether you have by and by had an adverse or constructive experience, it would be ideal if you recollect that one event or one individual doesn't speak to an entirety. It would be ideal if you additionally counsel nearby destitute promoter offices and check whether you can save some an opportunity to volunteer and find out about how you can help past giving. In the event that you can't help monetarily or volunteer your time, recollect it just takes one moment to tune in, grin, or make proper acquaintance. Show a similar regard as you would any other person.

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